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My first Blog!

So following a wonderful retreat with @supportsmalluk this Tuesday at The Greenway Hotel & Spa I've broken out of my mould (pun intended!) to write my first blog!

I had a fabulous time with likeminded small business owners sharing strategy and social media tips all whilst being treated like royalty with the most incredible food, hospitality and stunning venue plus a cheeky little late afternoon spa visit.

I was lucky enough to have a photoshoot with the talented Liv from @livpix_photo in around the beautiful grounds around the laden magnolia, stunning tree peony and mesmerising Acers trees. I literally cannot wait to share the images with you.

A huge thanks to Izzy for organising and supporting small businesses like me - we need community and champions like her to help our reach and keep us accountable.

So that's it short and sweet - a little venture into the world of blogs -I'll be back soon with workshop and events!

Emma x

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