Nature's Inspiration UK 

  • Sparkly blue/pink eco friendly glitter handmade lotus flower tealight holder using vegan non-toxic heat resistant resin which can withstand up to 90-95 degrees once fully cured (can take up to 21 days to fully cure). Each tealight holder comes with a plain tealight candle and is relatively lightweight yet sturdy making it a lovely addition to your home, or as a gift.

    Available in a variety of designs from sparkly blue/pink or pink glitter - other colours available - to botanicals (photos coming soon). I have actually made a memorial tealight holder too with flowers from a funeral and have worked with wedding flowers too so happy to take commissions and personalise your design (cost may be different to that listed if drying/pressing flowers too).

    This can be used in a variety of rooms within the house but please do not immerse in water or expose to direct sunlight for too long as this may cause discolouration and change the resin heat properties, especially for the botanicals.

    Fabulous Heat Resistant Lotus Flower Tealight Holder

    PriceFrom £12.00

    ~ Height: 5 centimetres

    ~ Width: 12.5 centimetres

    ~ Depth: 4 centimetres

    ~ Handmade

    ~ Materials: Vegan resin, Non toxic resin, Vegan Non Toxic resin, Vegan epoxy resin, Real dried flowers, Real botanicals, Moss, Wildflowers, Cornflower, Rose Petals, Gold flakes, Eco friendly glitter, Plain tealight