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Nature's Inspiration UK 

Personalised Commissions

Whether you are looking for something special or a memorial piece Nature's Inspiration can help. I have been privileged to create lots of special commissions and collaborations over the past year and take special care to ensure these are a perfect fit. I absolutely love being able to provide a personalised service and to add my creative flair. 


From hand preserving a wedding bouquet and replicating the arrangement in a sphere, encasing memorial flowers to remember someone special, capturing the special moment of a child's first curl and more recently branching out into the world of breastmilk jewellery I love to discover and explore more ways to use the incredible medium of resin!


Here are a few of the commissions I have had the privilege to work upon.

Carly commission[14049].jpg

Capturing a first curl within resin and adding a lady's daughters hair too is a precious memory for a mum. We added aurora flakes for some added sparkle and chose teardrop bezels to add to a chain and also keyrings. A gift for others too!

A friend asked me to create a special 40th birthday gift for her sister with her birth flower - carnations - I made a matching teardrop sphere pendant (only one I've made) along with dangly earrings to match. 

7th pencil modelling pendant[14052].jpg
7th pencil.JPG

I was absolutely thrilled to create a miniature version of an 'aerosoul' and embed into a pendant for a street artist (7th Pencil) who I met at the local paint festival here in Cheltenham,. It had been a long time since I'd used fimo, I created a can and made the wings from card and decorated with posca pens. She was delighted. 

A bride contacted me in December who had just got married, she had a vision of encasing her bouquet in a resin sphere and I sourced a mould and replicated the flower arrangement which featured her late grandmothers favourite botanicals. I hand dried the cream roses in silica and worked with resin layers not to burn the flowers. I also created two puffy hearts with the remaining flowers as a gift for her mum. She was absolutely over the moon.

wedding flowers.jpg
Tatting encased in resin[14056].jpg
Breastmilk rainbow keyrings[14054].jpg

One of my more recent makes was branching out turning a liquid into a solid. It was fascinating and I also dug out my breastmilk from 2018 from my freezer and also had a practice. The lady loves rainbows and I was asked to create something along those lines as a keyring. I actually created two for her one for her memory board and the other for her to choose/carry with her. I also encased her beautiful tatting within a circular coaster using heat resistant resin. 

I was honoured to be able to create and source moulds to produce the company logo complete with natural hand pressed botanicals which were given as a gift for a very special conference. This was a big project and was well received. 

Jane 1 .jpg
Jane .jpg
Arbonne logos[14055].jpg

 From a local small business website (Gloucestershire Shopping Mall) I connected with another local small business who sends out letterbox book gifts. We collaborated and I created exclusive book pendants and earrings for her online shop and have had some lovely feedback. 

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