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  • Superb Star flowers set in resin to preserve their natural beauty. Borage is known as bee heaven and has been growing in my miniature allotment this summer. It's been a joy to watch it come alive with bees and I have preserved a few flowers as a reminder of this incredible natural pollinator.

    Teardrop in shape, this rather lovely botanical pendant offers true beauty of the blue purple flower heads in conjunction with turquoise mica to add definition to the 3D effect. Hung on a turquoise organza adjustable necklace this makes for a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection.

    Bee Heaven Borage star flowers in a turquoise haze Teardrop resin pendant


    ~ Handmade item

    ~ Necklace length: 20 Centimetres; Pendant height: 4 Centimetres; Pendant width: 2.5 Centimetres

    ~ Materials: Turquoise mica powder, Vegan resin, Non toxic resin, Organza necklace, Natural starflowers, Hand dried Borage flowers, Natural flowers, Vegan non toxic resin

    ~ Style: Boho & hippie

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