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Nature's Inspiration UK 

  • Beautiful Handmade Bunnies created using real botanicals. Choice of Rainbow, Pink or blue wildflowers.

    These amazing wildflowers are set in crystal clear resin to showcase nature's beauty and are an ideal gift for Easter or for a nature enthusiast or child’s birthday.

    As a lover of all things nature and especially Bees I like to incorporate botanical materials within resin. It is lightweight and brings something to remember. When picking I adhere to the countryside code in 1 in every 20 and as a busy mum I love to forage in my garden and local woods and to gather most of my inspiration.

    I only work with non-toxic crystal clear vegan friendly resin made by a local company.

    Due to the nature of resin there can be minor imperfections of air pockets (bubbles) and uneven surfaces, this adds to the charm and beauty of the product. In addition, due to varying hybrids and real flowers there can be colour dis figuration at times.

    Botanical Bunnies for the nature enthusiast


    ~ Handmade

    ~ Materials: dried flowers, natural flora, Eco glitter, rainbow flowers, w wildflowers, botanicals, real flowers, resin, vegan non toxic

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