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Nature's Inspiration UK 

  • Beautifully handmade vegan non-toxic resin mini flower press complete with corrigated card, blotting paper ready to press your flowers.

    Perfect introduction to flower pressing, great for littles and adults alike or to gift to a nature or garden lover.

    Pop it in your handbag for when you are out and about in the summer and remember to forage wisely.

    Just pop the flowers between the two pieces of blotting paper in between the card like a sandwich and screw the wing nuts tight to ensure maximum preservation of colour and size. Generally the thinner the flower the better as too thick means moisture and they can go mouldy.

    Can be backed with your choice of colour pigments and I can even use your own flowers. Just click down on the options on checkout.

    Handmade mini flower press


    Please ensure you keep dry to Please ensure you keep dry to protect and preserve. The resin is heat resistant so should be ok but do not leave for long periods of time in heat or direct sunlight. Keep dry to ensure your flowers dry well. Some flowers press well and others sadly don’t, useful to keep a note. Lobelia, viola, Buttercups, daisies etc ideally flowers which aren’t too thick or moist.

    Press for a couple of weeks and screw tight to ensure flower colour preservation and size retention.

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