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Nature's Inspiration UK 

  • Handmade Unique Sparkly Heart Resin lightweight Trinket Dish encompassing hand dried deep red carnation petals, chunky biodegradable glitter and finer glitter plus small red and gold beads for extra sparkle. A true gem to add to any jewellery collection to look after small items such as stud earrings, rings cufflinks and other small items of jewellery. An ideal gift for Valentines, Mother's Day for your friends or family or to keep your jewellery in one place.

    I have two available and both are slightly different, ones with more sparkle or more flowers - do specify.

    Handmade Red & Gold Glitter Sparkly Heart Resin Trinket Dish


    ~ Handmade item

    ~ Length: 72 Millimetres; Width: 78 Millimetres

    ~ Materials: Vegan resin, Non toxic resin, Vegan Non Toxic resin, Resin, Epoxy resin, Small red beads, Gold leaf, Gold biodegradable glitter, Chunky biodegradable glitter, Flat backed small pearl cabochons, small gold beads, Real flowers, Hand dried carnation petals

    ~ Jewellery type: Earrings, Pin, Ring, Tie clip

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