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Nature's Inspiration UK 

  • Unusual set of three handmade sparkly resin hairclips ideal to celebrate, or to be given as a gift.

    One teardrop in shape is pine Christmas green in colour with gold leaf flakes for added sparkle attached to a silver plated (hidden) teardrop alligator clip making it sturdy for medium to thick hair and is approximately 65mm in length by 25mm in width.

    The second hairgrip is unusual long oval shape and features gold cosmetic grade mica powders and eco friendly chunky glitter measuring 66mm by 11mm width and is singular gold coloured alligator clip ideal for finer to medium hair.

    Finally the third hairclip is a thinner oval shape and features a clear resin mixed with eco friendly biodegradable bronze glitter. This is set on a single gold plated alligator clip and is approximately 60mm by 13mm width ideal for finer to medium hair.

    This unique set is ideal for those who like eco friendly vegan jewellery and want to add some sparkle to any outfit purchasing as a gift for someone special or for you (just as special!).

    Sparkle set of three handmade resin hairclips


    ~ Handmade

    ~ Materials: Vegan resin, Non toxic resin, Gold hair clip, Epoxy resin, Vegan non toxic resin, Silver plated hairclip, Silver plated lozenge, Eco friendly biodegradable glitter, Cosmetic mica powders, Gold leaf flakes, Chunky gold biodegradable glitter, Eco friendly sparkle, Alligator hairgrips

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