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Nature's Inspiration UK 

  • Stunning dried pink and white dried wildflowers (cornflowers) set in a solid vegan non toxic solid resin geometric heart with pink ( a few turquoise too) eco friendly chunky glitter on the base to give the 3D effect and make the flowers appear to be floating. This gorgeous piece can be used as a paperweight or gifted/used as a decorative piece. It has a few glitter flakes which have fallen in within the flowers making it truly unique!

    Measuring 65mm in length, 65mm width and 27mm in depth this makes it ideal for a decorative piece.

    Stunning pink wildflower Geometric heart


    ~ Handmade

    ~ Materials: Non Toxic resin, Vegan resin, Vegan Non Toxic resin, Epoxy resin, Crystal clear resin, Handdried flowers, Natural botanicals, Pressed flowers, Real flowers, Chunky biodegradable glitter, Real dried wildflowers, Cornflower petals, Pink dried flowers

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